Welcome to the Fort Smith Recycling Lawsuit page. On this page, you can get information about the class action lawsuit against the City of Fort Smith regarding curbside residential recycling.

This lawsuit was filed in June of 2017 after it was discovered that increasingly large amounts of the residential recyclable material that the City’s recycling trucks had picked up from the curb between October of 2014 and May of 2017 had been landfilled without the knowledge of the Fort Smith community.

During this time, over 90% of what Fort Smith residents had set aside for recycling went to the landfill. The lawsuit seeks a judgment ordering the City to reimburse money to the Fort Smith residents who paid residential sanitation fees from July 2015 through May 2017.

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This is the lawsuit that has been filed against the city of Fort Smith for the recycling debacle.

Fort Smith’s Official Answer to the Lawsuit

This is the Plaintiff’s expert accountant opinion estimating how much the City wasted.

This is the opinion of the expert that the City hired to defend the actions of Fort Smith.