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The good thing about having a district court trial or suppression hearing in district court, your Fort Smith, Arkansas criminal defense attorney get an automatic appeal to the circuit court, where you can get a new judge or jury to decide your case. Or you can work out a new deal with a different prosecutor.

If you are charged with a misdemeanor in Fort Smith you will end up before one of three district court judges who are housed in the same building as the circuit court judges, but they occupy the first floor.

General Tips:

  1.  Don’t expect a continuance, they are not guaranteed in Fort Smith District Court.
  2.  If you do ask for a continuance, make sure you ask for it at least 5 business days prior or it won’t be granted.
  3. The Defendant will have to show up even if you plead guilty for just about every crime that isn’t low-level speeding.

Fort Smith District Court Information:


Sebastian County Courts Bldg. 901 South ‘B’ Street Fort Smith 72901

Phone: (479) 784-2427

Fax: 784-2438

Online Information for Current Cases Pending in the Court:
General Tips:
Frequently Asked Questions:
General Information About Criminal Charges:

Fort Smith District Court Judge Ben Beland




(479) 784-2429


Fort Smith District Court Judge Jim O’Hearn

The newest addition to the Fort Smith Judiciary

Phone: (479) 784-2427
Fax: 784-2438
Fort Smith District Court Judge Claire L. Borengasser
(479) 784-2420
Former Fort Smith District Court Judge David P. Saxon
Judge Saxon, although retired, will fill in for the other judges from time to time.
Fort Smith District Court Clerk
Rachel J. Sims

Phone: (479) 784-2420

Fax: (479) 784-2438

For the most up to date information for Sebastian County District Courts check out Arkansas Court Connect:

Prosecuting Attorney for the City of Fort Smith

Most of the misdemeanors in Fort Smith are prosecuted by the City Prosecutor John Settle.

100 South 10th Street, 2nd Floor of the Police Station
Fort Smith, Arkansas 72901
Phone: 479-788-4100
Fax: 479-788-4104

Prosecuting Attorney for Sebastian County

Depending on your charges, you may be prosecuted by the county attorney Dan Shue.

901 South B Street, Suite 209 (second floor of the courthouse)
Fort Smith, Arkansas 72901
Phone: 479-783-8976
Hot Check Office: 479-783-1069
Restitution Office: 479-784-1554

Before you attempt to speak with any prosecutor or judge, we advise you get a free consultation with one of our Fort Smith, Arkansas criminal defense attorneys. Call us at (479) 782-1125.