Our Fayetteville, Arkansas criminal defense lawyers have defended over five hundred cases in Fayetteville District Court alone, and about 1,200 cases in Washington County. If you need experienced criminal defense attorneys that have tried cases in every District Court in Washington County, King Law Group is ready to assist.

If the state has a rock solid case against you and you do not want to go to trial, our Fayetteville, Arkansas criminal lawyers have an encyclopedic knowledge of what the prosecutor will likely offer to settle your case. Additionally, many criminal defense lawyers in Fayetteville do not know that you can work off your fines and fees at $15 an hour while working for any non-profit anywhere in the world. You don’t have to choose to work off your fines, but we commend those who decide to give back to the community instead of paying money into the pockets of local government.

In fact, if you are a University of Arkansas Student and you are charged with a crime, the University will most likely find out and punish you to roughly 15-50 hours of public service. This is true even if it is not University of Arkansas Police Department that makes the arrest or citation. Our criminal defense lawyers in Fayetteville will then help you “double dip” those hours with Fayetteville District Court.

For example, if JBoard sentences you to 25 hours of community service, you already qualify for $375 of credit toward your Fayetteville District Court fines.

Fayetteville District Court:

176 S. Church Ave. Suite 1

Fayetteville 72701


Four different agencies have the authority to arrest and issue citations that will send you to Fayetteville District Court. Those are the Fayetteville Police Department, The University of Arkansas Police Department, the Washington County Sheriff’s Department, and the Arkansas State Police (highway patrol).

City Prosecutor’s Office Contact information:

If you are cited or arrested by the Fayetteville Police Department or the University of Arkansas Police Department then you will be prosecuted by the City of Fayetteville’s Prosecutor Office. The prosecutor in your case will be either Brian Thomas or his Deputy, Jacob DeYoung.

176 S. Church Avenue, Suite 2 Fayetteville, AR 72701

(479) 575-8377

Washington County Prosecuting Attorney contact Information:

If you are cited by the Arkansas State Police or the Washington County Sheriff’s Department the prosecutor will be Thomas Marks over at the Washington County Prosecutor’s Office.

280 N. College, Suite 301 Fayetteville, AR 72701

Phone: (479) 444-1570 Fax: (479) 444-1594

Fayetteville District Court Judge


William A. Storey
P.O. Box 1110

Fayetteville 72702

Phone: (479) 587-3591 Fax: (479) 444-3480

Fayetteville District Court Clerk
Dena Stockalper
176 S. Church Ave. Suite 1

Fayetteville 72701