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Judge Chuck Baker Van Buren Arkansas District Court

Judge Chuck Baker, swearing in a quorum court member.

General tips for dealing with Judge Baker:
  • Be on time. If you are late, he very well may throw you in jail.
  • Be ready to pay almost all of your fine up front when you plead guilty. Judge Baker is not a fan of payment plans.
  • Don’t expect more than one continuance. Judge Baker runs a tight ship and a clean docket.

For the most up to date information on Crawford County District Courts visit the Arkansas Website for all of the Crawford County district courts.

The Honorable Judge Chuck Baker presides over all district courts in Crawford county: Alma District Court, Mulberry District Court, and Van Buren District Court.

Judge Steven Peer was the Van Buren District Court Judge for Crawford County until 2017.


Judge Steven Peer


Van Buren District Court:


Van Buren District Court Official City Page

Van Buren District Court Official County Page

Judge Steven Peer
1003 Broadway

Van Buren 72956

Van Buren District Court Clerk: Phyllis Thomas

Phone: (479) 474-1671

Fax: (479) 471-5005

Our Criminal Defense Attorneys successfully defend cases in Van Buren, Arkansas and love practicing in this court.

Van Buren City Prosecutor and Crawford County Prosecutor: Mark McCune (through Lena Pinkerton):


Prosecutor Mark McCune

Don’t expect to see Mark in the Crawford County District Court, he spends most of his time in Crawford County Circuit Court. His Deputy Lena Pinkerton will be there to prosecute your case.

p: 479-474-8715

Victim/Witness Coordinator: Angie Haney

p. 479-474-8715
f. 479-471-5007


Alma District Court


Court Clerk Betty Shores

804 Fayetteville Ave

Alma, AR  72921
Ph: (479) 632-4170
Fx: (479) 632-4516

Alma uses City Attorney Rinda Baker to prosecute it’s cases, as does Mulberry.


Official Alma District Court Website

Our Criminal Defense Attorneys in Alma, Arkansas are always happy to help, call now for a consultation: 479-782-0049

Mulberry District Court


The Crawford County District Court, Mulberry Department is located at 207 North Main Street in Mulberry, Arkansas, in the City Complex Building.

District Court Clerk Desaray Coomer 479-997-1321

Deputy Court Clerk Kristy Patterson 479-997-1321

District Court Prosecutor Cheryl Anderson

For more information, visit their official court website: http://www.cityofmulberry.org/index.php/city-departments/district-court.html

Although Mulberry is a small court with a small caseload, our criminal lawyers have defended quite a few cases in Mulberry, Arkansas.