Arkansas’ 21st Judicial District only consists of Crawford County, within Crawford County, Arkansas there are two Circuit Court Judges, Judge Cottrell for Division I and Judge Medlock for Division II.  Circuit Court Judges hear all felony cases, misdemeanor appeals from the District Courts, and all civil cases that are not small claims.

Crawford County Circuit Court Division I


Not Pictured: The 45 air conditioning units in almost every window.

The main Crawford County Courthouse is listed in the National Historic Register and is thought to be the oldest active county courthouse west of the Mississippi River.



The judge that presides over Division I Court in Crawford County is Judge Cottrell.

If you go into his court, do NOT let the saloon style doors separating the Judge/Bailiff/Lawyers/Prosecutors from those seated in the galley slam shut. You will be yelled at, and possibly held in contempt of court. This judge handles the lion’s share of criminal cases in the county.

Phone Number: (479) 474-6332
Fax Number: (479) 471-3212
Trial Court Assistant’s Email: 

Crawford County Circuit Court Division II

The judge presiding over Division II in Crawford County is Judge Mike Medlock.  The court is located at 220 South 4th street Van Buren, Arkansas and looks like it is in some sort of mini mall.


Phone Number: (479) 471-3290
Fax Number:     (479) 471-3292
Trial Court Assistant’s Email: